The 7 S’s of the ACE

Used under license from Richard Shorty, who graciously
granted us permission to use his Eagle and Salmon

What are the 7S’s?

  1. SEEING yourself in a new way to identify your unique talents and skills, then SEEING the world differently through the lens of opportunity and possibility.
  2. SPOTTING where and how to recognize a business opportunity in your community.
  3. SELECTING which one of your good ideas is your best business opportunity.
  4. SHAPING is the skill of refining your best business opportunity by designing and testing your optimal business model as you draft your business plan.
  5. SEIZING your well-developed business opportunity which is wrapped in your business plan by securing financing and setting-up your business to take flight.
  6. SOARING to new heights as you experience the thrill of spreading your wings during the critical process of launching your business. The ACE program provides an experienced business mentor to help steady your flight and empower you to reach your personal best.
  7. SHARING your success is the skill of securing other corporate customers with other projects in your community and ultimately SHARING your experiences and value with others in your community by hiring more employees and giving back as you and your business continue to grow.

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