Halalt ACE Program

Xeláltxw (Halalt) is a small vibrant community with opportunities to develop a thriving Indigenous tourism economy; strengthening community by sharing authentic, memorable and enriching experiences.

Beginning in August, Halalt Tourism Entrepreneurial Skills Development will deliver a unique program that provides prospective self-employed entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge and mentorship needed to successfully start a business in Indigenous and eco-tourism, without foregoing traditional Indigenous values.

Training will run from August 24, 2019 to March 31, 2020. Four training modules will be delivered in Halalt with a Learning Enhancement Officer providing business coaching, cultural and personal support. The Entrepreneurial Mentorship will extend an additional 12 weeks as students secure their resources and launch their ventures, targeting year-round service and niche markets.

Aboriginal Tourism has boomed around the Salish Sea in recent years. Halalt Territory includes Willy Island as well as the Chemainus/Westholme reserve on the lower Chemainus River. This area offers rich opportunities to experience historical sites, cultural traditions, beautiful nature and wilderness adventures.

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