What do alumni have to say about the ACE Program?

 “I did expect to work hard. I did expect to learn business management and some promotional skills. I’ve gotten so much more. I’ve had the privilege of watching each of the students grow in confidence, self-assurance and self-esteem. I’ve watched the demonstration of great strength and courage, and people overcoming insurmountable odds. I’ve watched people work their way through limiting beliefs, old patterns, shyness and anxiety. This program has been life changing. I haven’t seen one person not make huge changes in this process. The gift of this program goes so far beyond research, research and more research, business plans, PowerPoints and Excel. I’ve watched as dreams have taken on life, as fellow students have developed into self-confident, self-assured entrepreneurs ready and eager to head out as business owners.”

-Peggy McBryan, LD-ACE Graduate
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“This program was perfect for me: the meat without the fluff, the great relationships in the class and the supportive staff that always supported and laughed at my super hilarious jokes. Thank you for giving us the tools and the filters we can use to navigate our entrepreneurial hearts.”

-Anetha Kashuba, LD-ACE Graduate
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Watch entrepreneurs we’ve worked alongside with as they speak about their businesses and what they have learned during the ACE Program.