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Join the Indigenous Advancement of Cultural Entrepreneurship Program in providing customized entrepreneurial education across Western Canada.

Why become a partner?

The Indigenous ACE program offers a unique opportunity for potential partners to co-create and be a part of the incredible social impact of the program. The proven and ongoing success of the Indigenous ACE Program shows a high impact per funding dollar, offering a unique opportunity to make a positive impact in the community with an existing and successful program.

I-ACE is a great partner!


Proven and ongoing success of the program

The Indigenous ACE Program has been delivering entrepreneurial education in Indigenous communities across BC since 2013.We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field

See the direct impact of your investment

Given the structure of the Indigenous ACE Program, you will be able to see the direct impact your investment is making through the success of the students in the program by the launch of various business ventures.

High demand for more programs

Due to the success and recognition the graduates and the Indigenous ACE Program have received there is a growing demand for programs in British Columbia and other provinces in Canada.

Benefit the operations of your corporation

The I-ACE Program assists Indigenous entrepreneurs in starting and running their own business that can be contracted by large corporations to supply the products and services needed to complete major projects and enable ongoing operation in or around Indigenous communities.

What our partnerships will do

Partnering with the Indigenous ACE Program will enable this valuable program to continue to change the lives of prospective Indigenous entrepreneurs throughout Canada and have the Indigenous people take their rightful place in the Canadian economy.  There are many creative ways to get involved and partner with the Indigenous ACE program. We would love to tell you more and hear your ideas!
Looking for more information on different partnership levels? 

Contact Program Director, Dr. Brent Mainprize at or 
1-250-588-1172 to get more information


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