Our Courses

The Indigenous ACE Program offers courses that will give students the opportunity to learn about and use lean start-up methodology to understand target audiences. Students will also have the opportunity to learn research techniques, gain experience, and validate a sustainable business model. Additionally, I-ACE Program educators work with students to develop a marketing plan for reaching customers.
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The 8S's of I-ACE

The Indigenous ACE Program uses the 8S model to help prospective entrepreneurs earn their wings through personal and professional development, bringing the traditional Indigenous culture together with a new business start-up.

The Double Loop

This image signifies the eight stages, or 8S, of the Indigenous ACE Program. The left loop focuses on the individual, with the blue-hearted eagle at its core. The right loop focuses on what individuals can do as they develop their business.

The 8S Certificiates

Upon the completion of each course, students receive a certificate representing their accomplishments. Each certificate corresponds to the eagle, with the final two stages symbolizing flight as students launch their businesses.
Your Eagle Spirit
The eagle's spirit certificate signifies that a student has looked within to discover their entrepreneurial identity. With their eagle spirit, they are ready to look outwards.
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Your Call
Did you know that individual eagles have their own unique call? A student who has found their call has learned how to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 
Your Eagle Vision
A student with eagle vision has proven capable of looking out towards the horizon to find the opportunities that are right for them. 
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Your Talons
A student who has earned their talons has learned how to seize their share of the market that is right for their business.
Your Flock
A student who has found their flock has learned about their customers and discovered how to provide them with value.
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Your Wings
Once a student earns their wings, they are ready to take flight with all of the components of the business plan complete.
Your Feathers
Once a student completes the first loop of the 8S's, they have proven they are fully feathered and are prepared to move from personal development to business development.

Building a Nest
A student who has built their nest has proven their ability to share their new found success. Although they have been doing this in every stage of their journey, this certificate is a final reminder of their ability to give back.

Art by Indigenous Artist Richard Shorty

In working with Richard for many years, including on the creation of our logo, we were graciously given license to use his painting of the Eagle seen in all of the images above. Richard's art perfectly embodies the program's 8 components as students grow like the Eagle and eventually build a nest for themselves in their community.
Richard Shorty
Richard was born in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory in 1959 and belongs to Northern Tuchone Tribe. Richard is a self-taught artist. He originally started painting wildlife at an early age along with painting his favourite rock star or sports idol. In 1978, Richard moved to Vancouver. Visit his website to view more of his pieces. 
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