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Why join I-ACE?


The right fit for you

The Indigenous Advancement of Cultural Entrepreneurship Program is delivered in your community and is customized to fit your needs and interests. You will learn how to be an entrepreneur or become a better entrepreneur on your own terms, in your own territory.  

The best of the best

The innovative curriculum is taught by distinguished university professors and business professionals to offer award-winning entrepreneurial education. The personalized mentorship allows you to seek one-on-one guidance and assistance from a business professional during the launch and operation of your venture. 

No fee

There is no fee to the students for the program and the necessary materials for the class sessions are provided thanks to the generosity of our program partners.

Indigenous ACE Programs

The Indigenous Advancement of Cultural Entrepreneurship Programs has been delivering upon invitation in Indigenous communities, providing award-winning education and mentorship to prospective entrepreneurs across British Columbia and Canada since 2013. Learn more about past students' experiences in the programs.
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