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I-ACE Graduate Wins 2021 Small Business Award

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Jaimie Davis

Gitxsan & Nisga'a artist, cedar weaver, jewelry designer, sculptor and painter. 

About me

"I am just one indigenous woman who grew up on a small reserve trying to share a piece of my culture with the world through wearable art. Art is the language of our ancestors and it always tells a story. It is my mission to share that story with you and with everyone who wears my jewelry or buys my art." - Jaimie Davis

Award Story and Indigenous ACE Program Testimony

Jada Creations is the recipient of the 2021 Small Business BC Award. The competition this year included 927 award nominations in 88 communities across BC. This award celebrates the success of small business owners in the province, shining light on hard-working individuals like Jaimie Davis.

Jaimie Davis had a dream to bring Indigenous stories back to life. Inspired by her culture and her son, this remarkable individual created and launched Jada Creations, an Indigenously-owned and operated business specializing in authentic, Indigenous-wearable art. Her artistic business path has given Jaimie the opportunity to live her truth as an Indigenous woman. Jaimie has regained her voice and feels passionate about sharing her story through her art. Jaimie’s goal for Jada Creations is to share a piece of her culture through wearable art that symbolizes resiliency. “Being marginalized my whole life put me at a huge disadvantage but my passion for my culture and desire to create is so much stronger. I've stepped on this path and am never looking back” (Jaimie Davis, 2021).

Jaimie Davis graduated from the I-ACE Program in 2016. She was inspired to join the program after completing the NW Eagle Program, a condensed entrepreneur program. “The NW Eagle Program was like a stepping stone to the I-ACE Program. It provided me with the confidence to join I-ACE” (Jaimie Davis, 2021). Upon completion of the I-ACE Program itself, Jaimie shared some valuable insight that she gained from the experience. While running Jada Creations, Jaimie shared that she often reflects on her business learnings within the I-ACE Program. For example, she shared that she is frequently reminded of the business knowledge, in general, that she was taught – for example, how to run her day-to-day business and how to operate as a solo entrepreneur. Furthermore, Jaimie valued the connections that she made during her time with I-ACE. “The people that I met through I-ACE and the networking opportunities I had were very rewarding. It gave me a lot of confidence being surrounded by like-minded people, and our program manager truly believed in all of us” (Jaimie Davis, 2021).

Jaimie shares that she was always reminded and re-affirmed that she was on the right track with Jada Creations. “Jada Creations would be a lot different without I-ACE. The program allowed me to break free of feeling like an imposter in my own life. It gave me confidence, strength and skills to move forward with my business” (Jaimie Davis, 2021). Jaimie is incredibly thankful for everyone at I-ACE and the continued support that she receives from the program. Jaimie is now a thriving artist and designer, and she no longer questions who she is as an Indigenous woman. “My business is me” (Jaimie Davis, 2021).

Jaimie Davis runs Jada Creations primarily online through e-commerce channels. In addition, her art is showcased in Vancouver art galleries. Browse Jada Creations products online today: https://www.shopjada.com/
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