Aileen Hans

Aileen Hans
Haida Gwaii Scooter Rentals
Haida Owned and Operated Graduate

Aileen Hans has always called Haida Gwaii home and is enthusiastic to share her knowledge of unique and beautiful locations with visitors. When she’s not working, Aileen loves to explore and take in the beauty of Haida Gwaii. She enjoys hiking, fishing, strolling the beaches, ATV’ing, boating, paddle-boarding, food gathering, harvesting, and preserving. Aileen is proud to be from Haida Gwaii and appreciates all the activities and experiences the island has to offer.

As a passionate and motivated entrepreneur, Aileen appreciates the freedom and flexibility that comes with running her own business. Through hard work and dedication, she was able to bring her dream of being an entrepreneur to life by incorporating her favourite activities of Haida Gwaii. Aileen started Haida Gwaii Scooter Rentals after noticing the local tourism industry lacked public transportation services in Skidegate, British Columbia. Her venture provides unparalleled access for tourists and locals alike to enjoy the majestic beauty and pristine nature of Haida Gwaii on their own terms.

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