Brian Brown

Brian Brown
Checkers Pizza
NW-ACE Graduate

Brian Brown, NW-ACE Cohort 8, is an entrepreneur with plans to provide a unique flavour to the local restaurant market in New Hazelton through Checkers Pizza. Checkers Pizza currently operates in Terrace, BC, and not only boasts patented recipes and possesses their very own, patented pizza pans that no one else can use, but also provides its customers with options available for every craving. In addition to its unique products and services, Brian is focused on opening up Checkers Pizza in New Hazelton to meet the needs of restaurant-goers in by focusing on a total customer experience meeting the needs that exist in the restaurant sector in New Hazelton.

If the thought of pizza doesn’t have your mouth watering yet, this will: Checkers Pizza offers a casual dining setting with over 100 menu combinations, including gourmet pizzas, pasta, a wide variety of appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts. Checkers is located in Terrace, but Brian has plans to own and operate his Checkers in New Hazelton, just under two hours Northeast of Terrace by car. Brian plans to open Checkers Pizza at the New Hazelton Strip Mall, a central location, enabling him to meet the needs of residents and visitors of New Hazelton. Brian describes that in New Hazelton, there are not many restaurant options, and none open late for customers, as he notes, “nothing is open past 8:00 pm.” Checkers Pizza will respond to these challenges through its approach to dining in the area.

In addition to being open later than other restaurants for community members looking to have high-quality restaurant food later in the evening, Checkers Pizza will offer the community of New Hazelton additional services to meet customers needs, including pick-up or delivery options. Moreover, Checkers Pizza will provide guests with a family dining environment, as Brian notes “there’s no alcohol served,” while also offering other services for a total customer experience approach, including lunch specials, a children’s menu, catering, banquet facilities, affordable pricing, and special promotions for food.

Brian’s focus on providing more than a restaurant for New Hazelton, but an additional hub for community events is evident in his plans for Checkers Pizza. Brian explains that the “restaurant is perfect for families, teams, and groups of all ages.” He also explains that he hopes he can counterbalance customer jobs by offering unique products and services stemming from patented recipes, to offer “new food opportunities,” in the area.

Brian’s next steps include hiring cooks, servers, a driver and a bookkeeper for Checkers Pizza, and working towards his goals for the first few years of his business. Brian aims to increase customer flow over the first two years of business and establish a loyal customer base that benefits from the services provided by Checkers Pizza.

We at ACE look forward to seeing Checkers Pizza develop as a hub for restaurant goers and community members in Hazelton. Ensure you stop by Checkers Pizza in New Hazelton.

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