Jesse Powers
Power's Fitness
Physical & Nutritional Wellness Coaching

NW-IACE Graduate

Jesse Powers, a recent NW IACE graduate, has developed a business concept for Power’s Fitness which is a weight loss and personal training service. Jesse became interested in personal training and weight loss because he was tired of being unhealthy and wanted to set healthier habits to provide a better example for his daughter.

With Power’s Fitness, Jesse aims to help people create “healthy habits, hold them accountable to their goals and offer custom programs with no false promises.” Jesse has 2 years of experience with fitness coaching, and now he wants to expand his customer base and offerings to provide online tailored coaching.

Jesse explains the impact that COVID-19 has had on indoor workout spaces in Terrace as gyms are met with new regulations that may deter clients from working out, and some facilities have even closed down. Power’s Fitness will take an online approach by offering one-on-one training sessions through Zoom or Skype. Jesse notes that online training (by a local resident) is not offered in Terrace, so he hopes to gain traction by providing a solution to those unable to access a gym.  

Power’s Fitness will target “people who want to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, or lack motivation.” Jesse has found that most individuals who are not meeting their health and fitness goals have an “inability to set or achieve realistic goals.” Individuals are often in general programs that are not tailored to their specific needs, and they hold “misconceptions of fitness.” To provide a solution, Jesse will offer custom fitness plans, food plans, and coaching to help individuals “lose weight and achieve their goals with peace of mind.”  

Currently, Jesse has been working with individuals who are 25-45 with school-aged children; Jesse expects Power’s Fitness to attract a similar demographic. To reach these clients, Jesse is working to create an online presence by developing a website and social media. He will set up online Facebook ads and Google ads in order to reach interested clients in his community. Power’s will offer contract-based coaching in 1, 3, 6 and 12-month increments. Custom programs will be in-depth and priced around $200 a month, with the potential for group lessons at a reduced rate. To give back to the local community, Jesse plans to offer free fitness classes for elders.

During the NW-IACE Program, Jesse has had the chance to develop his business concept while learning applicable business skills and receiving coaching. He has learned that it is imperative to have a strong digital marketing strategy to reach potential clients and overcome the competition. In addition to running ads, Jesse wants to “get, keep, and grow” his customer base by being active in the community, offering giveaways and free activities on his social media, and developing a referral program. By creating a strong strategy for online marketing, Jesse hopes to capture around 10% of clients that desire health and wellness coaching in North West BC.

In the future, Jesse wants to partner with other organizations like the Kitsumkalum health building and local gyms to offer his services in person. In the meantime, he will be busy writing fitness programs, developing his online presence and reaching potential clients.

We at the I-ACE Program are following Jesse’s journey with Power’s Fitness, and we look forward to seeing his business take flight as he empowers others through healthy living. To reach Jesse or learn more about his business, please follow the links below.
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