Peggy McBryan

Peggy McBryan
Peggy's Touching Souls Healing Arts
LD-ACE Graduate

Let’s reclaim our soul parts and heal body, mind, and spirit!

Peggy McBryan is an entrepreneur, Wholistic Healer, counselor, and teacher from Salmon Arm BC helping members of her community heal. Peggy has also spent time living in California and Alberta, she now lives in BC with her husband, Ralph McBryan, a member of the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band. During her life, Peggy has faced her own traumatic experiences, but has “been able to find the healing necessary to bring back her spirit and her power.” Since starting her healing, Peggy has helped others along their healing journey. Peggy is working to continue to help others in her community heal through her business, Peggy’s Touching Souls Healing Arts.

In 1980, after eight years of active addiction, Peggy became clean and sober, which she notes “required a great deal of healing past traumas.” This was also the year that Peggy began training to help others heal, as she worked with cancer patients and their families. In 1981, Peggy began studying addiction counselling at college and spent five years helping others struggling with addiction. Peggy explains that after spending time counselling, “through a series of serendipitous events in 1987, she started on an amazing journey of Wholistic Healing learning to help others.”

Over the years, Peggy’s journey has included many certification courses enabling her to help others along the way. In 1987, Peggy became certified as a massage therapist, and over the years she has taken courses in Theta healing, Reiki, RESET, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, channeling, hypnotherapy, counseling, angel healing, and Angel card reading. Currently, Peggy is one of only sixteen certified instructors for RESET in Canada and also has many hours of training in counseling and hypnotherapy. Peggy has over 5000 hours of training and twenty-five plus years of experience in Wholistic Health. Soul Retrieval is Peggy’s passion.

Through Soul Retrieval, Peggy helps others who are experiencing soul loss, which “is a spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease.” Soul Loss can result from traumatic events experienced in one’s life. Peggy describes that “these and many more experiences are the situations that cause a part of our soul to splinter, they differ from person to person, experience to experience.” Soul Loss “leaves our soul fragmented and scattered. As a result of these experiences, we give away much of our power, and many experience a variety of issues, addiction, disassociation, dysfunction, body pain or disease.”

Peggy founded Peggy’s Touching Souls Healing Arts to help members of her community reintegrate their soul fragments as she explains“we need to heal our traumas in order to move forward in our life in a truly healthy way.” Soul Retrieval is “a practice that has been done for thousands of years.” Through the application of guided imagery and energy healing, Peggy helps members of the community “claim back their power and provides tools for remaining connected.” Peggy helps members of the community claim back their power through individual sessions of Soul Retrieval. Peggy is also dedicated to sharing her expertise by mentoring others, teaching RESET, Reiki and an introduction to Soul Retrieval. 

Community members have shared the impact that Peggy’s work has had on their lives: 
Leslie C. notes that “After experiencing a life-altering trauma in my life, I spent several weeks of not being able to eat, sleep, focus on everyday tasks or communicate clearly with friends and loved ones. I was so blessed to have a visit from Peggy. Through massage therapy and counselling, I was able to clear my soul and begin my journey of self-healing. Without her help, God knows where I would be today. Forever grateful for your love and light.”

Vanessa, a community member Peggy has also worked with describes that Peggy’s “calm, gentle and loving spirit naturally puts you at ease. She was able to help me find some of the root issues I have been struggling with for years. I have always been a proponent of self-healing, I feel it is so necessary with so many today. I recommend Peggy as a practitioner who has compassion and empathy to be able to help so many hurting in silence. Gratitude, hugs and congrats to you Peggy.” 

Moreover, Wendy S. explains that she has “known Peggy for around 2 years. I have turned to her for both professional and personal guidance in life. Upon exploration, her ancient sage wisdom has proven to be some of the most profound, trustworthy and effective knowledge I have ever received in the 55 years I have lived. I would recommend Peggy and her work to anyone who came seeking guidance.”

Peggy was initially interested in applying to the ACE Program as she describes “it’s highly recommended by friends [and] has an excellent reputation.” Peggy explained that having experience helping community members heal, her goal entering the ACE Program was to combine her experience with learning more about “how to effectively promote and fund her business,” including using the Internet for her business. Some of the key lessons Peggy has learned during the ACE Program include website creation, excel bookkeeping, legal issues and insurance concerns. However, Peggy’s favourite part of the program has been learning about how to promote her business via the Internet. 

Going forward, Peggy is focused on “creating a consistent income stream,” while providing her services and expertise to “help as many people as she can improve their lives and relationships with themselves and others.” Peggy has advice for entrepreneurs who are considering applying to the ACE Program, as she tells them to “plan to work very hard with a great deal of commitment. Ask all the questions you can and utilize all the opportunities that each instructor is and has.”

We at ACE are honoured to have the opportunity to work with Peggy as she continues her journey of helping community members in their journey of healing. If you would like to reach out to Peggy or have an inquiry about Peggy’s Touching Souls Healing Arts, give Peggy a call at 1-250-804-3632 or visit her website.

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