Sheri Latimer

Sheri Latimer
House of Arts and Supplies
NW-ACE Graduate

Sheri Latimer is an entrepreneur and artist born and raised in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Sheri’s business concept, House of Arts and Supplies, is based on two very important things to her: culture and art. Sheri comes from the Tsimshian Nation, and is very passionate about “[e]mbracing [her] culture as being a First Nations woman,” and actively embraces traditional dancing and the Tsimshian language. In addition to culture, Sheri’s business concept is also founded in her artistic abilities, which are very important to her.

House of Arts and Supplies will be an art supply store that sells quality artist tools, products and First Nations focused art supplies both in her store and on consignment. Sheri also plans to support local artists’ creativity through workshops to develop their craft to embrace culture through the arts by improving their skills and working with members of the community. Sheri explains that through House of Arts and Supplies, she plans “to have 40% be art supplies,” and that the rest of the “retail space would be for workshops and [her] inventory space.” Sharing her space with community members and up-and-coming local artists is important to Sheri, as she notes that she plans to have “workshops provided by specialty artists and for people to be able to teach their skillsets to other people.”

Sheri came to the ACE Program through the referral of a friend. Sheri notes that her friend told her to “check it out, talk to Cory,” the NW-ACE Program Manager and Learning Enhancement Officer. Sheri decided to follow her friend’s advice and contacted Cory, who “told [her] about all of the stuff we would go over,” which Sheri thought “was really cool.” From there, Sheri applied and was accepted into the program. Sheri explains that “it was a difficult decision to commit to a long program, but [she’s] pretty sure that was one of the best choices that [she’s] made in the past couple of months was dedicating [her] time…and [she’s] so happy with the outcomes, especially at the end.”

Sheri and NW-ACE Program Manager and Learning Enhancement Officer Cory Stephens at the NW-ACE Cohort 8 Graduation Gala

Coming into the ACE Program, Sheri was passionate about many ideas she had over the years, but “didn’t know what to do with them.” Working through the ACE Program, Sheri described that she flushed out the ideas she’s had over the years and that it was a key stepping stone for her to put those ideas and concepts on paper through using the tools available and having the support to be successful. Sheri emphasizes the importance of the guidance from her colleagues and teachers, and explains that meeting other entrepreneurs and leaders in the community and having the opportunity to network with them was one of the highlights of the program for her.

Sheri also explains that something about the ACE Program that stood out to her was how she was able to embrace herself in the welcoming environment of the program. Sheri describes, “all of the professors and everyone that has come in to teach us have always been very welcoming and they’re really great at what they do.” Sheri also noted that it’s important to be committed to the entrepreneurial process to benefit from the opportunity. “If you want the best out of the program, it’s basically committing that time and knowing that there are a lot of benefits and a lot of important stuff you can learn.”

Pictured from Left to Right: Alex Latimer, Bryant Mason, Sheri Latimer, and Donna Mason

Sheri continues to demonstrate commitment to her business and continues to apply the skills she has learned through the program to House of Arts and Supplies. Sheri shares that “from the beginning up until now, I’m so confident with my business plan.” After graduating from the ACE Program, Sheri “still plan[s] to keep on going,” as “[t]his business concept is very important to [her] and [she] plan[s] on doing what it takes to succeed.”

“If you don’t take those little, small chances, you miss out on that opportunity.” 

Sheri describes that for her, committing her time to furthering her entrepreneurial skills the past few months was one of the best decisions she’s made. Sheri tells other entrepreneurs who are considering applying to the ACE Program that it is important to remove negative thoughts, and seize opportunity. As Sheri notes, “you don’t know until you actually try it.”

We at ACE are very grateful for the opportunity to work with Sheri along her entrepreneurial journey. We’re excited to see what the future has in store for House of Arts and Supplies, and encourage you to check out her store and workshops when it opens in Prince Rupert. For more information about House of Arts and Supplies or to connect with Sheri, send her an email at

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