Titus Wesley

Titus Wesley
Meal-Time Heat & Eat
NW-IACE Graduate

Titus Wesley, a Lax Kw'alaams member, is an entrepreneur and founder of Meal-Time Heat & Eat, a pre-made food service. He has been employed in the food service industry for over 10 years and has worked in a kitchen for 8 years. Titus has learned how to cook from his mother and has been cooking ever since he was 6.

Meal-Time Heat & Eat will provide fully cooked meals and prepared meal packs made with quality ingredients. Offerings include fresh, frozen, and freeze-dried meals. His business will target healthy-minded individuals, people with an active lifestyle, people with allergies, and those who can't cook or don't cook.

For individuals with busy lives cooking at the end of a long day is an added inconvenience. These individuals are more likely to rely on fast food or restaurant dining. Titus hopes to provide a solution for this customer segment through his meal service that is comparable to a home-cooked meal. Meals will be reasonably priced to remain affordable to lower-income families. A family meal will provide 5 large servings and cost $100, while single-serve meals will be priced at $30. Titus will donate failed pick-up or drop-off orders and any leftover food to the Terrace homeless centre to give back to the community.

Pre-made meals often come with a lot of plastic packaging waste, Titus will combat this by using recyclable containers for his meal service. Titus explains that he will utilize "fresh ingredients" and develop "new menus" to provide variation for customers. To maintain a steady stream of income, Meal-time Heat & Eat will offer membership and subscription-based meals. Multiple-sized portion packs will be available to meet customers' differing needs, and delivery options will be available for those who are not mobile.

During the I-ACE Program, Titus has developed a budget and feasible business plan to launch Meal-Time Heat & Eat. He will dedicate financial loans, funds, and savings towards renting a commercial kitchen, purchasing kitchen supplies, maintaining fresh food inventory, marketing, insurance, and professional and legal fees. Currently, Titus has created a marketing plan which includes distributing food fliers and using word of mouth advertising to gain traction in his community. Titus plans to add survey cards in each meal pack to gather customer feedback and better understand customer likes and dislikes.

Titus explains some advantages of his meal service, including "having a cleaner kitchen, being able to spend more time with family, and following a healthier diet." While Meal-Time Heat & Eat is not yet in operation, Titus has already been selling some pre-made meals and gaining repeat customers. He explains that those who order his pre-made meals feel less stressed when it comes to meal preparation and coordinating a place to eat out.

In the future, Titus hopes to set up his own garden to grow fresh vegetables at home. He continues to work on his company's launch by meeting with his business mentor, conducting market research, finding suppliers, and applying for financing.

We at the I-ACE Program are excited for Titus to continue his food journey and for his business launch in July 2021!
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